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Everything you need to know about Personal Loans and Credit Cards that the banks won't tell you

Too many people don't know enough about their credit ratings in Australia and their ability to obtain a loan suffers as a direct result.

This lack of knowledge in regards to personal finance could end up costing you dearly.

We want to even up the gap in knowledge between lenders and borrowers so that you can make a better informed decision which could end up saving you money and avoiding an undesirable loan.

Have a look and see from a comparison of low rate personal loans in the Aussie market and check out our Questions and Answers too. Each question has been placed into a broad level category. Including:

1. Your Credit Rating and Dealing with Bad Credit -> View All Questions

2. Dealing with Debt -> View All Questions

3. Non Conforming Types of Finance -> View All Questions

We've taken the time to look into it so you can get the cash you need (or want!).

Too many people also have a bad credit rating for reasons that they don't understand, we hope to give you some useful information here on the site about what you can do.

Bad Credit Personal Loans aims to inform it's visitors about such things as:

  • the hidden costs of finance for people with bad credit
  • your eligibility for different types of personal loans
  • saving interest and reducing your repayments
  • what can be done about a bad credit rating (including where you can access your credit file
  • much, much more..

Your Questions About Bad Credit Answered

Do you have a question about getting finance. We've answered 131 of your most important questions about bad credit ratings, dealing with debt, getting approved, refinancing and more.

Top 5 questions

  • If my partner or spouse has bad credit does it affect my credit rating or our ability to borrow or get a credit card?
  • How Does Declaring Bankruptcy Affect My Credit History?
  • Can I consolidate debt using a bank if I have a poor credit rating?
  • Is there such a thing as a bad credit personal loan?
  • What Are My Rights In Relation To My Credit Record Held By Veda Advantage?
  • View All Question Categories

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