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Personal Loan Comparison - Find a better loan today

This page contains links to some low rate personal loans available in the Australian marketplace today so whether you have bad credit or good credit it will give you some ideas for places to go for your personal loan.


Option 1: Cash Doctors

Cash Doctors is a fast personal lender that offer $100 to $600 in your hand in less than an hour.

You can apply online, it's easy and it takes about 3-4 minutes.

They provide a way for you to get very short term instant cash advances to tide you over. They have a well established presence in the Australian marketplace.

Option 2: PayDay Mate

Do you need up to a $1000 fast? PaydayMate are fast payday lenders

  • Simply complete the online application
  • Payday mate will send a confirmation email to you regarding your application
  • Send them your most recent bank statement
  • Contact us to verify that all the information on your application is correct

    Option 3: PayDay Finder

  • Borrow from $300-$1000 online
  • 24 hour approval
  • Choose from different loan offers
  • Option 4: Find a Cash Loan Provider at Start Local:

    • Start Local lists hundreds of cash loan providers Australia wide. Find one today.

    Please note that bad credit personal loans may receive a commission for each successful loan application. Please also note that this is not a complete comparison of every product available in the marketplace.

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