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Your Questions Answered about Dealing with Debt and Bankruptcy

We have answered the top questions about bankruptcy. The top questions are listed below.

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Bankruptcy in Australia

Question: How Does Declaring Bankruptcy Affect My Credit Rating?

Question: How does going bankrupt affect my spouse?

Question: How Long Does It Take For Bankruptcy To Stop Affecting My Credit File?

Question: How Will I be Treated as a Bankrupt?

Question: If I Declare Bankruptcy In The Future or If I Have Already Declared Bankruptcy?

Question: If I have gone bankrupt, can I still rent an apartment or place to live?

Question: If I run a company and am in danger of going bankrupt, what can I do and what repercussions will bankruptcy have?

Question: What Consequences Are There When Filing For Bankruptcy In Australia?

Question: What Steps Do I Need To Take To File For Bankruptcy?

Question: Am I Still Able To Consolidate Credit Card Debt If I Have A Bad Credit Rating?

Question: How Many Credit Cards Do I Need To Have Maxed Out Before A Debt Consolidation Loan Will Be Of Use?

Question: What Are Some Useful Ways To Get Rid Of Credit Card Debt?

Question: Would it really save me money if I use a loan to consolidate my credit card debts??

Question: Are there any debt relief companies that can help me if I'm struggling with my debts?

Question: Are there easy ways for me to get debt relief even if I have a really bad credit rating?

Question: How can I work out what the best option is to help me get rid of my debts?

Question: Does getting financial aid put a mark on my credit record?

Question: I am struggling with my debts, what options do I have to make things easier??

Question: If I am already in a debt management program, what will happen if I stop making my monthly payments?

Question: If I am married how does financial aid work?

Question: If I have a debt with a telephone company or other utilities company, how long will it be before they report a bad credit mark to Veda Advantage??

Question: If I use a debt relief company to help me get rid of my debts what will it do to my credit rating?

Question: If I have debt collectors chasing me, will my debts continue to accrue interest the longer they go unpaid??

Question: What are the benefits of using a company to organise my debt management strategy rather than doing it myself?

Question: What is the fastest way to use debt management strategies to erase my existing debts?

Question: What options do I have if I feel like I need help with my debts?

Question: Who can I turn to in Australia to get debt help?

Question: Can I still get a debt agreement if I have bad credit?

Question: How can a debt agreement help me?

Question: How Much Does it Cost to Get a Debt Agreement?

Question: How much money will I save by using a debt agreement?

Question: How will a debt agreement affect my credit record and for how long?

Question: If I have bad credit, can I still qualify for a debt agreement?

Question: Is the paperwork for debt agreements difficult to organise?

Question: What is a debt agreement?

Question: What is the difference between a debt agreement and a bankruptcy?

Question: Why would the people I owe money to (my creditors) accept me proposing a debt agreement to them?

Question: Will I still have to pay back everything I owe if I use a debt agreement?

Question: What is a Part X Agreement and how does it work?

Question: How is a Part X Agreement different to a Part IX Agreement?

Question: If I use a Personal Insolvency Agreement, how long will it stay on my credit record?

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